Mitt Romney's Sweaty Lip Draws Attention in Third Presidential Debate (Video)

Mitt Romney - Third Debate - P 2012
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The Republican candidate was seen perspiring throughout Monday night's face-off with President Obama.

Never let 'em see you sweat.

During Monday night's presidential debate, Republican candidate Mitt Romney apparently forgot that sage advice born out a series of 1980s-era antiperspirant commercials.

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Throughout the 90-minute debate, the former Massachusetts governor was seen with perspiration on his face, particularly his upper lip. Considering that nonverbal communication plays as big a role in what the candidates actually say in these face-offs, his sweat predictably drew a lot of attention.

Romney “was sweating, Nixonian style,” CNN's Van Jones said Monday night, referencing the infamous first debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960. Nixon appeared with no makeup and a 5 o'clock shadow and looked underweight and tired; after the debate, Kennedy took the lead.

Roger Ebert also pointed it out on Twitter.

"Obama looks cool. Romney looks sweaty," he tweeted. "Will post-mortems agree?"

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Added Chris Kattan: "Romney. There is a reason why your [sic] sweating."

Also on Twitter, Amy Brenneman referenced Romney's "flop sweat," while Anika Noni Rose chimed in: "Mitt Romney is rocking some Hollywood style perspiration!"

And Zachary Quinto added: "way to repeat obama's answer on syria almost verbatim. also please take a sip of water and mop your upper lip."

Both Romney and President Obama, meanwhile, have two more weeks to sweat it out before the Nov. 6 election.

Watch a portion of Monday night's debate below.