Obama-Romney Debate: Hollywood's Best Tweets About Binders, Libya, Guns

Romney Obama Debate Wide - H 2012
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Romney Obama Debate Wide - H 2012

"This is the Obama I voted for," Patton Oswalt wrote on Twitter during the second debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

The second presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney, moderated by Candy Crowley, took place Tuesday at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. -- and as MSNBC's Rachel Maddow called it, the debate was a "rollicking" 90 minutes.

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Unlike the previous presidential debate, which produced a rather lopsided match-up, this affair was in a town hall setting, with undecided voters asking the two candidates questions ranging from gun control and immigration to women's issues and budget deficits. As the debate wore on, Obama was notably more aggressive and Hollywood noticed, praising the president on his performance. Many also noted Obama's strong debate finish, when he brought up Romney's 47 percent remarks.

There were also several phrases and moments from the debate that stood out, including Romney's "binders full of women" remarks -- sparking several Tumblr and Twitter accounts to pop up even before the debate finished -- and Obama calling out Romney for his assertion the president waited two weeks to call the Libya attack an act of terror. (Crowley gave Romney some credit, not ruling it totally inaccurate.)

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Here is how Hollywood reacted during the 90-minute debate:

When Romney mentioned the phrase "binders full of women" during a discussion about women in the workplace and jobs, a Tumblr and a Twitter account were created quickly thereafter. Hollywood also had a field day with that particular debate moment:

Near the end of the debate, Romney said it took Obama weeks to call the Libya attack an act of terror. Obama replied, "get the transcript," which prompted Crowley to weigh in and say that the president did indeed call it an act of terror early on, which caused numerous tweets in reaction:

At one point during the debate, Obama discussed his stance on immigrants, saying that he wanted to crack down on "gangbangers" and not illegal immigrants in the U.S. not causing any harm.

On the topic of gun control, Modern Family co-creator Steven Levitan weighed in on the candidates' stances: