Obama-Romney Election Breaks Record With 20 Million Tweets

Twitter Logo 2011

Twitter Logo 2011

The presidential race is the most tweeted event in American politics.

Not surprisingly, Tuesday's showdown between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is dominating the chatter in the Twitterverse -- and breaking records, too.

Election Day officially is the most-tweeted political event in American history with 20 million tweets, according to -- what else? -- a tweet from the microblogging site's Twitter Government account.

There certainly will be millions more as the hard-fought presidential race winds down.

Meanwhile, Obama and Romney join other high-profile Twitter record-setters including Beyonce, whose pregnancy reveal at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards became the world's most-tweeted-about single event, with 8,868 tweets a second.

On a more sober note, Hurricane Sandy also surpassed 20 million-plus tweets as it devastated the East Coast last week. Both Sandy and the election gained more airtime on the social media network than the Super Bowl, which garnered 13.7 million tweets in February.