Obama Talks Drug War With 'The Wire' Creator David Simon (Video)

Obama and David Simon -- H

Obama called 'The Wire' one of the greatest "pieces of art."

WASHINGTON (AP) — Talk of overhauling the criminal justice system is serious business — but before diving into the subject, President Barack Obama had something else he wanted to say.

Obama told David Simon, creator of the acclaimed HBO series The Wire, that he was a huge fan of the program about life in drug-plagued Baltimore.

Obama and Simon sat down this week at the White House for a 12-minute discussion about the need to reduce the incarceration of nonviolent drug offenders and steps to make cities safer. A video of their conversation was played at Thursday's Bipartisan Criminal Justice Summit in Washington.

Obama says The Wire wasn't just one of the greatest TV shows ever. He says it was one of the greatest "pieces of art" in the last couple of decades.