Obamas Tap Bay City Rollers for White House Easter Egg Roll

Getty Images

The First Lady had previously asked the boy band New Direction to perform at the annual event on the South Lawn, but they were tied up.

Is the South Lawn of the White House really the place for a music industry comeback?

Well, the Bay City Rollers are about to find out, since the boy band that has been mostly missing in action since the 1970s. The Scottish group will reunite for a one-time performance Sunday at the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll, an event for which more than 200,000 tickets already have been requested online.

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First Lady Michelle Obama had reportedly invited the boy band One Direction to perform, but they were tied up in tour obligations, so enter the now-middle aged Scottish kids, whose main interest in Washington these days probably is the debate over the future of Medicare. As the official White House press release on the choice put it, "they are sure to delight not only the little ones, but their middle-aged moms, as well!"

No word on how Malia and Sasha feel about the choice or whether any of the First Family members really have the Bay City Rollers on their iPods.