Obamas Revisit First Christmas Address While Delivering Last Holiday Message

White House
Michelle and Barack Obama

"Given how our first Christmas weekly address went, I realized that Barack needed all the help he could get," said Michelle Obama.

The Obamas took a trip down memory lane while delivering their final annual Christmas weekly address on Saturday.

"You're going to have to pull it together, POTUS," warned Michelle Obama when the president came down with a serious case of the giggles during a flashback video of the pair's first video in 2009.

"Celebrating the holidays in the White House over these past eight years has been a true privilege," said Michelle as she recounted the outstanding number of guests they've welcomed, the pastries that have been cooked by their chefs and the corny dad jokes delivered by President Barack Obama during the celebrations.

"They're great jokes," added President Obama.

Explaining how this year's White House holiday theme is "the gift of the holidays," the pair said the greatest gift they received over the last eight years is the honor of serving as president and first lady.

"By so many measures, our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we first got here," said President Obama. "And I'm hopeful we'll build on the progress we've made together in the years to come."

From the Obama family to all the families across the country, the pair then expressed their wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy 2017.

The Obamas are continuing their annual tradition of spending Christmas in Hawaii, where they will remain until after New Year’s Day. 

On Sunday, the Obama family wished all a Merry Christmas, posting a photo of Barack, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha to the POTUS Twitter account. "The best part of the holidays is the time we share with those we love. On behalf of Michelle, Malia, and Sasha, Merry Christmas everyone," the post read.