Obama's Final State of the Union Speech: Hollywood Reacts

Obama SOTU 2016- H

The MPAA and celebrities such as Amy Schumer and Russell Simmons praised the speech, while Rupert Murdoch blasted the president for being "divorced from reality."

President Barack Obama's hopeful and unifying final State of the Union address got an immediate response from the great and the good in Hollywood on Tuesday night.

The MPAA was among the first industry groups to react, praising the president for pushing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. MPAA's chairman and CEO, former senator Chris Dodd, said in a statement that the TPP was a "top economic priority" for the U.S., particularly "because the U.S. film and television industry is a global economic sector that relies on open-market access and strong copyright protections to support nearly 2 million American jobs."

Dodd added that the TPP was a boon for Hollywood, as it will "lower trade barriers and help creators protect their content, allowing our industry to expand in key foreign markets."

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump surprisingly didn't live-tweet the speech, instead decrying it for being "really boring, slow, lethargic" and "very hard to watch."

News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch fired off a few tweets about the speech, saying in one that it "sounded mostly great, but totally divorced from reality." Murdoch also slammed Obama for talking up the Iran deal just as news broke of 10 U.S. sailors being captured by Iranian authorities.

Here's a selection of tweets showing how Hollywood reacted to Obama's final State of the Union speech.