#SocialGathering: The Obamas Leave Us With a Bittersweet Tweet; the Must-Follow Hot Dad of Instagram

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And you need to see this obvious but amazing account.

Can't keep up with what's been going on in the social media world? Fret not. Here, a gathering of what the stars have been up to this week and the best accounts to follow on social media.

Bittersweet Tweet

The Obama White House ended on a poignant note with this tweet. #AllTheFeels

Cool Dad Alert

Dark times call for happy accounts. There’s a must-follow dad on Instagram, and his name is Chase Weideman: director of VIP relations at ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo, besties with This Is Us star Mandy Moore and father to the adorable #ErrolWayneGrant. Weideman’s IG is THE parenting account to follow. Even if you’re not a parent, you somehow feel the frustrations and joys of having a child from his feed. He’s also nailed the IG Story game — totally up to par with Eva Chen and Kate Hudson. Weideman, husband and child (the baby loves bathrobes) all have movie-star good looks and excellent taste. It’s almost like watching a Nancy Meyers movie with a sporadic reality check.

Obvious but Amazing

Former Vanity Fair and New York Magazine photo editor Julie Stone’s Instagram account @ObviousButAmazing, which boasts Sarah Jessica Parker as a fan, is a daily dose of celeb updates packaged in a real-talk way. The self-professed “chic, pot smoking, celebrity obsessed, elephant-loving hippy” doesn’t shy away from sharing her thoughts on Leo DiCaprio (“I love his environment shit”) or her "immense hatred for Angelina Jolie," and she keeps it a Kardashian-free zone (“I hate the Kardashians”). An “Obvious but Amazing” television show is in the works.


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Useless info on #uselesstuesday And today Tuesday was totally doing an impression of #Monday #welldone #emmawatson feels that #belle from #beautyandthebeast is much cooler than #Cinderella I disagree, at least Cindy chose to be with her #prince Belle fell in love with her kidnapper, not cool, #stockholmsyndrome #chelseahandler blames #kimkardashian for all that is wrong with our world, I agree, all Kim has done for society is brought back the #furcoat how can you support someone who is obsessed with wearing skinned alive animals daily #furhag #amyschumer proving, Stars are just like us, they walk around the city carrying #rockingchairs #whodoesnt #princeharry confiding in #katemiddleton about his girlfriend. Quiz time is this a picture of A) #jenniferlopez doing the #mannequinchallenge B) a #madametussauds of #jlo or C) Jen getting ready for a parent teacher conference? And finally #katehudson looking fresh faced and happy, do you think the rumors are true that she's shagging #bradpitt #staytuned Sorry you can't unread this. #uselessbutamazing

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