Olga Kurylenko on Her Breakout Month With 'Oblivion' and 'To the Wonder' (Video)

"I wake up and I don't know where I am," says the actress of traveling the globe to promote two films, both hitting theaters in April.

"Lots of traveling, lots of talking."

That's how Olga Kurylenko would describe her whirlwind life. The actress stars in both Terrence Malick's To the Wonder and big sci-fi pic Oblivion, which open on Friday and April 19 respectively.

"It's a lot of traveling. I wake up and I don't know where I am," she says.

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Kurylenko has been on a world tour for Oblivion, which stars Tom Cruise as a human remaining on a ruined Earth, who can't get a woman (Kurylenko) he thinks he's never met out of his head.

She's had premiere stops in Buenos Aires, Moscow, Dublin, London and Taiwan, and landed at the Hollywood premiere on Wednesday.

While making a stop at The Hollywood Reporter's video lounge on the day of the Los Angeles premiere, Kurylenko points out that the projects are very different, which she sees as an advantage. While playing a mysterious woman in Joseph Kosinski's futuristic film, she plays a very different character in Malick's artistic project.

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In To the Wonder, Kurylenko plays Marina, a woman who falls in love with an American (Ben Affleck) and moves to Oklahoma with him, where their relationship begins to fall apart. The emotional film has many of the signatures of a Malick project, including a nonlinear structure and a focus on nature.

"It wasn't just easy for me," she says of getting to this point in her career. "In America, I had to break through this thing of being typecast. It took me a lot of courage to say 'No' to certain projects."

But now that she's had a breakout month with two big and very different projects, she says she finds herself receiving more interesting scripts.

"They are getting more diverse and interesting and different, which is the result of my careful choosing," she adds.

Watch THR's interview with Kurylenko above, and find out more about her work on To the Wonder here.

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