'Oblivion's' Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko on Nostalgia and Saving the Earth (Video)

The stars of the sci-fi film talk to THR about what they miss from the old days.

In Oblivion, Tom Cruise stars as one of the only humans remaining on Earth, tasked with protecting the planet's resources while the rest of the human race has moved on to live on one of Saturn's moons.

While Cruise's character lives in a futuristic home hovering above the planet, he also has a secret cabin on Earth that he's filled with all the things he loved about the world before it was attacked by aliens and nuked to pieces.

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The Hollywood Reporter recently sat down with a couple of the stars from the Joseph Kosinski sci-fi pic to find out what they miss about the way things were before technology took over.

Morgan Freeman, who plays a leader of the resistance on Earth in the Universal film, spoke passionately about the way that technology has made things more convenient for humans but detrimental to the planet. He pointed out bottled water as his first example.

"I wish we could go back and not do that," he told THR.

"Did you know, you realize, that we're turning everything on this planet into food for humans? We're displacing and killing everything," he added.

Despite that, Freeman said that he didn't see humans needing to leave the planet after using up all of Earth's resources.

"The only reason for us to need to leave the planet is if the planet is going to be destroyed by something other than us," he said. "We can't really destroy the planet, the planet will survive. We are not the intelligence here. We are products of the intelligence here, and if we get too far out of line, it will just stop us."


Olga Kurylenko, who plays a mysterious woman Cruise's character can't stop seeing in his dreams, told THR that there's one item she hopes never goes extinct.

"I wanted to say books, but books still exist, so basically right now, so far, it's a choice," she said. "I hope they won't disappear."

Watch THR's interview above to hear more about Freeman's thoughts about the survival of the planet.

Oblivion opens in theaters April 19.

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