Occupy L.A. Protesters Request Restraining Order Against Police

Occupy L.A.
Chris Godley

Tim RobbinsRussell Simmons and Roseanne Barr are among those in Hollywood who have joined in on the protests in New York, while celebrity tweeters including Alec Baldwin and Yoko Ono have cheered from the sidelines.

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Members of the movement hope to prevent a surprise raid similar to those in New York, Portland and Oakland.

Members of Occupy L.A. have sought a temporary restraining order against police officers to prevent a raid similar to those in New York City; Portland, OR; Oakland, CA; and others earlier this week.

New York protesters were surprised with a 1 am raid on Tuesday, Nov. 15, when police cleared out all camping equipment and evicted the group from Zuccotti Park. Protesters were allowed back into the park following a court ruling later in the day, but without the benefit of camping equipment.

The L.A. Times reports that representatives from the Los Angeles Occupy demonstration filed a court motion on Thursday, Nov. 17 to obtain a temporary restraining order, which would prevent police from invading their encampment without giving notice. The Los Angeles City Council previously passed a resolution in support of the movement, as long as those involved remain “peaceful.”

Police insist that there are no plans to spring a surprise raid on the camp, though protesters remain wary of their promises. Reportedly, law enforcement officers are attempting to negotiate a timeline to end the protest.

Attorneys from Chief Deputy City Attorney William Carter’s office will appear in Superior Court on Friday at 8:30 a.m. to oppose the request.