Occupy L.A. Protesters Request Restraining Order Against Police

Chris Godley

Members of the movement hope to prevent a surprise raid similar to those in New York, Portland and Oakland.

Members of Occupy L.A. have sought a temporary restraining order against police officers to prevent a raid similar to those in New York City; Portland, OR; Oakland, CA; and others earlier this week.

New York protesters were surprised with a 1 am raid on Tuesday, Nov. 15, when police cleared out all camping equipment and evicted the group from Zuccotti Park. Protesters were allowed back into the park following a court ruling later in the day, but without the benefit of camping equipment.

The L.A. Times reports that representatives from the Los Angeles Occupy demonstration filed a court motion on Thursday, Nov. 17 to obtain a temporary restraining order, which would prevent police from invading their encampment without giving notice. The Los Angeles City Council previously passed a resolution in support of the movement, as long as those involved remain “peaceful.”

Police insist that there are no plans to spring a surprise raid on the camp, though protesters remain wary of their promises. Reportedly, law enforcement officers are attempting to negotiate a timeline to end the protest.

Attorneys from Chief Deputy City Attorney William Carter’s office will appear in Superior Court on Friday at 8:30 a.m. to oppose the request.

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