Urges Industry Involvement in Occupy Fox Protest

The non-profit sent emails to entertainment industry members calling for action at Occupy Los Angeles' planned demonstration during Friday's shareholder meeting at Fox Studios. sent emails to entertainment industry members and others urging them to get involved in the Occupy LA protest at Fox Studios today, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Using the influence of its vast mailing list, the liberal group -- which has  long received strong support from Hollywood activists -- wrote an email  to its Los Angeles-area members: "We thought this message from our friends at Change to Win was important enough to pass along."

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The message then went on to quote a call-to-action missive from the group Change to Win:

What do survivors of 9/11, David Beckham, and Paul McCartney have in common?

They all claim their phones were hacked by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. in a scheme to obtain personal information, which allegedly involved bribing police.

Murdoch would love for this scandal to stay quiet during his shareholder meeting Friday, but we can't let that happen. It's up to us to make sure News Corp. is held accountable for its actions.

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The protest is set to get underway at Fox Studios in Century City today at 9 a.m. as executives are gathering for the News Corp. shareholders’ meeting. attached a disclaimer to the bottom of the email:

The text above was written by Change to Win, not by MoveOn staff, and they are responsible for the content. It's part of a new effort to pass on critical updates from other progressive groups.

Change to Win didn't pay for this—we never rent or sell the list. This email was sent through the MoveOn system, so your personal contact info was kept private.

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