Occupy Protest: Our Lady Peace Support Spurs Fan Backlash

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Raine Maida

Lead vocalist Raine Maida: “I've had some really vicious, vicious e-mails and vicious tweets."

TORONTO -- Canadian rocker Raine Maida and fellow members of the Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace have sparked blowback from their fans for attending Occupy Everywhere protests in Los Angeles, Toronto and Detroit.

“I've had some really vicious, vicious e-mails and vicious tweets," Maida, who lives in Los Angeles with wife and fellow Canadian musician Chantal Kreviazuk and their three children, told the Canadian Press news wire service Monday.

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“LA Occupy march about to begin. Fight the good fight!,” Maida wrote on his Twitter account Saturday.

“…bringing my kids.get them engaged/active as early as possible. They’ll be the ones who redefine theWorld,” he added in another tweet.

But those fan call-outs provoked a backlash from some Our Lady Peace fans.

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"I'm very surprised at how polarizing it's been. In our heads, I think, it really affects everyone -- we're talking 99 percent, we're talking about by far the majority of everyone we relate to," Maida, an outspoken critic of the U.S. Iraq war, told the Canadian Press.

Our Lady Peace bandmember Jeremy Taggart attended an Occupy Toronto event Saturday as the stateside Occupy Wall Street protest movement spread to Canada on the weekend.

And a third band member, Steve Mazur, attended an Occupy Detroit event.

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