Occupy Rose Parade Protestors Draw Mixed Reaction

Occupy Octopus Rose Parade - H 2012
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Occupy Octopus Rose Parade - H 2012

Hundreds participated in the post-parade walk which featured "Occupy Octopus," a "float" made of recycled plastic bags.

Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street supporters marched along the Rose Parade route in Pasadena, California on Monday in a noisy but peaceful protest.

The protestors took to the streets after the 123rd Tournament of Roses Parade had finished, and carried their own "float," Occupy Octopus, a 70-foot creation crafted from thousands of plastic bags.

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Occupy "peacekeepers" accompanied the group to thwart confrontations, notes the Los Angeles Times. The paper notes that when a member of the Bible Believers group yelled, "You people are no more than communist revolutionaries who destroy our country," a peacekeeper topped one of the marchers from responding.

Protestors were also met with taunts like "get a job" and "you guys had your 15 minutes." Other spectators snapped photos and cheered when the procession walked the 1.5 mile section of the parade route.

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Occupiers also marched with homemade signs and a giant banner that said "We the People" that represented the U.S. Constitution.

Occupy the Rose Parade organizers estimated that 5,000 people took part in the march; police said there were 400 protestors, notes the Associated Press.