2012 Republican Convention: 'Occupy Unmasked' Screening Draws Threats to Filmmakers (Video)

Citizens United Prods. says members of the Occupy Wall Street movement have threatened physical violence via phone, email and online postings in advance of the Thursday screening.

TAMPA, Fla. -- Another documentary is drawing controversy at the Republican National Convention -- the filmmakers of Occupy Unmasked, starring the late Andrew Breitbart, say they've received dozens of threats of physical violence in advance of Thursday's screening of the critical look at the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Some of the messages target Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan, two former leftists who appear in the film, according to a spokesperson for Citizens United Prods, the company behind the film.

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“We’ll be legitimately raping Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan for the next several days while they are tied up with the movie premier at the RNC,” reads an email from occupyaunmasked2012@gmail.com. The email includes Darby’s and Stranahan’s cell phone numbers.

One tweet reads, “While @Shanahan is in Tampa this week, should Texas rapists be told where to find his wife since he supports the rape of everyone else?”

“My wife is home with our four kids and freaked out,” Stranahan told The Hollywood Reporter. “She’s sick to her stomach.”

Stranahan and Darby each said their home addresses have been published online by those who claim sympathy to OWS. Stranahan said other OWS demonstrators have reached out to him to apologize for others in the movement who have “terrorized” him.

Occupy Unmasked is being distributed by Magnet Releasing, one of billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s company. Cuban told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday that he has received no threats over the movie and he was unaware of the threats leveled at others. The $1 million film will open in about 10 cities on Sep. 21.

Another person who appears in the film, Bryan Carmody, said his home address and other personal information was published online, as well as rumors that he was a pedophile, a drunk driver and an arsonist.

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“We had incredibly threatening phone calls saying things like, ‘we’re coming to get you’,” said David Bossie, the film’s producer.

OWS demonstrators were organizing a campaign against the screening (originally planned for Monday but moved to Thursday), and an insider shared the plans with Citizens United, said Bossie.

Bossie said Citizens United researched every ticketholder's name and canceled 250 of them after deeming they had obtained access for the purpose of disruption. He also hired extra security, including some who work security for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“Some of them had violent criminal records. We know they were bad guys,” Bossie said. “If they show up Thursday, they can expect not to be allowed in. If they want to see the movie, I’ll set it up for them. But I’m not going to mix oil and water.”

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