Occupy Wall Street: Hollywood Continues to Weigh In on the Protests

Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Michael Moore

Michael Moore, Roseanne Barr and Roger Ebert are among those reacting to the demonstrations in New York, which have now spread to Los Angeles.

On Saturday, the Occupy Wall Street protest led a march in New York that caused hundreds of arrests when some of the demonstrators blocked passage to the Brooklyn Bridge.

The demonstrations, which have been going on since Sept. 17, are to protest corporate greed and corruption.

The protests also inspired several hundred Los Angelenos to take part in a march, rally and sleep-in outside the L.A. City Hall over the weekend.

Several in Hollywood have already weighed in on the demonstrations, including Mark Ruffalo, Yoko Ono and Russell Simmons.

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On Sunday, many others in Hollywood hit Twitter to chime in on the protests.

Among them was movie critic Roger Ebert, who tweeted: "Wall Street protests spread to Los Angeles. People are fed up with thieves."

Roseanne Barr weighed in with two tweets: "Wall street protesters -dress like bankers-walk around and listen to the shiite they say-it will blow you away-overheard in nyc restaurant."

She later added: "The working class of this country were destroyed by wall street as the middle class was encouragd 2 jeer at them& call them lazy #goesaround"

Two and a Half Men co-star Melanie Lynskey retweeted a link to a column penned by Ruffalo in the Guardian in support of the protests.

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"Sigh. Seriously RT @celiakb: Because I didn't already love Mark Ruffalo enough."

Politically passionate filmmaker Michael Moore, who made an appearance at the New York protest, also chimed in, tweeting out a link to an AP story about the demonstrations.

"Now over 700 ARRESTED as THOUSANDS descend on Wall Street!" he wrote.

Professional surfer Kelly Slater, who has appeared in several surfing-themed documentaries, including Riding Giants and Step Into Liquid, believes that the demonstrations are just part of bigger events to come.

"Does anyone else get the feeling that Occupy Wall Street is just the tip of the iceberg on both sides?" he tweeted.

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Singer-pianist Regina Spektor took issue with the media's coverage of the event.

"Occupy Wall Street has been peacefully protesting, holding general assembly, and marching for a week," she wrote. "Only now getting press after they arrested 700 people ... something is very wrong when hundreds of Americans gather and no mainstream media wants to report... Has anyone seen the old movie Network? this is sad...."

Meanwhile, former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, who now runs a communications company with clients including athletes and corporations, chimed in: "Ds can have Occupy Wall Street. I'll take the tea party over them any day."