Occupy Wall Street: Naomi Wolf Arrested (Video)

Mark Von Holden/Getty Images

The author says she was attending an event on Tuesday night when she defended the demonstrators use of a megaphone.

On Tuesday night in New York, author Naomi Wolf was arrested during an Occupy Wall Street protest.

“Last night I was arrested in my home town, outside an event to which I had been invited, for standing lawfully on the sidewalk in an evening gown,” Wolf wrote of the event.

Wolf was apparently attending the Huffington Post’s Game Changer Awards on Tuesday night when a crowd of about 50 protesters gathered outside the event. According to an account that Wolf made of the events of that night in an article in The Guardian, Wolf spoke to the protesters before the event, finding out what their demands were. She then attended the event.

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When Wolf exited the event, she ran into the demonstration, and noticed that they had been corralled by the NYPD into a corner, away from the event. She asked the officers why this had happened.

“[The NYPD] replied that they had been informed that the Huffington Post event had a permit that forbade them to use the sidewalk. I knew from my investigative reporting on NYC permits that this was impossible: a private entity cannot lease the public sidewalks; even film crews must allow pedestrian traffic. I asked the police for clarification – no response,” she wrote.

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According to Wolf, an officer aggressively demanded the she get out of the way shen she went up to him to find out more about the permit that she thought the demonstrators had allowing them to peacefully protest.

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“I did not even make a conscious decision not to ‘fall back’ – I simply couldn't even will myself to do so, because I knew that he was not giving a lawful order and that if I stepped aside it would be not because of the law, which I was following, but as a capitulation to sheer force.

The Occupy Wall Street protests have been gaining increased attention from both the media and the public, as the demonstrations continue, and some actors and filmmakers attend the events. On Tuesday night, Alec Baldwin stopped by to talk to protesters. Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon and Kanye West have also all made appearances.

Watch Wolf interact with police in the video below: