'Oceans' to open Tokyo fest

Perrin's underwater documentary in, 'Cove' out for Tokyo

HONG KONG -- Next month's Tokyo International Film Festival has set Jacques Perrin's underwater documentary "Oceans" as its opening film.

"Surpassing 'Earth' and 'Deep Blue,' Jacques Perrin ('Le Peuple Migrateur') presents a tale of the mysterious ocean and the living with the latest cinematographic equipment, capable of taking miraculous images," said the festival (Oct. 17-25), which has again this year adopted an ecological theme. "The film penetrates the mysterious and fascinating marine world like never before."

The festival will unveil its full line-up on Wednesday next week, and it remains until then to be seen whether there is any place for the U.S.-made documentary "The Cove," which takes a critical look at dolphin hunting in Japan. Makers of "The Cove," Louis Psihoyos and Mark Monroe, say their film has been rejected by the festival, but they have since mounted a rear-guard action to have it included.