Octavia Spencer, John Lithgow, Luke Bryan, Jimmy Fallon Play Suspenseful Game of Catch Phrase

Catchphrase with Octavia Spencer, John Lithgow and Luke Bryan -Screen Shot-H 2017
Courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

"Shirley Temple" and "blackberry" were some of the toughest answers of the game.

Octavia Spencer and John Lithgow teamed up against Luke Bryan and Jimmy Fallon to play Catch Phrase on Thursday.

"I appreciate you getting world-class actors in here to compete against," Bryan said to Fallon.

The game went smoothly at first, with "pingpong," "Yoda" and "opera" starting out the round. Lithgow struggled with "blackberry" as Spencer shouted out clues: "It's an old phone, it's also a fruit, it's a color, too."

In the third and final round, Spencer couldn't think of Shirley Temple's name, so Lithgow helped her out: "If you're Jewish, you go to a ..."

It seemed like all hope was lost for Spencer and Lithgow as Bryan and Fallon got into their groove, and then Bryan was thrown a curveball with "off-the-record" as the timer started beeping frantically.

While on the show, Spencer sat down with Fallon and spoke about her Oscars experience. Spencer was nominated for a best supporting actress Oscar this year, but said she was happy her good friend Viola Davis won. "Next year, though, if we're both in the race — I'm coming for you, Viola!" joked Spencer.

Spencer and Fallon also chatted about the "crazy" ending to the Oscars. Spencer joked that when the commotion started, she wondered if Hidden Figures had actually won. "I really felt for the La La Land people, but they had won all night, and —" she was cut off by Fallon bringing up the accountant who gave Warren Beatty the wrong envelope.

Said Spencer, "The guy that gave the envelope, I really said some prayers for him."