Ofcom backs product placement for U.K.

Could create new revenue stream worth up to $226 mil a year

LONDON -- Britain's media watchdog Ofcom has put its weight behind proposals to allow product placement to come the U.K., freeing up U.K. broadcasters to tap a new revenue stream that could account for between £50 million - £150 million ($75.4 million - $226.3 million) a year.

Ofcom has agreed to product placement on locally produced drama programming, movies, light entertainment and sports, but has been prohibited on news, current affairs, religious and children's programming.

Tobacco-related advertising, prescription-only medicines, alcohol and junk food are also still banned.

Sponsorship restrictions will also be lifted, allowing references to the sponsor in a sponsored program for the first time.

Ofcom has opened a consultation period and will publish a final set of proposals towards the year-end.