Ofcom promotes Richards to chief executive


LONDON -- U.K. media regulator Ofcom said Thursday it has appointed COO Ed Richards to the post of chief executive, following the departure of Stephen Carter earlier this year. Richards will oversee all aspects of U.K. media regulation, including assessing the market impact of proposed new services from the BBC. Immediate issues include a resolution on the stalled issue of whether junk food advertising should be allowed on children's television and a financial review of Channel 4. Richards, who joined Ofcom in 2003 after serving as senior policy advisor to U.K. prime minister Tony Blair, played a key role in setting up the organization formed by a merger of the U.K.'s then disparate media and broadcast regulatory bodies. "Ed has played a critically important role in the establishment of Ofcom," said Ofcom chairman David Currie. "He has a profound understanding of the markets we regulate and is ideally placed to lead the organization into the future."