Red Solo Cups, Ugly Holiday Sweaters Abound at 'Office Christmas Party' Premiere

Office Christmas Party Premiere - Getty - H 2016
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Jimmy Kimmel and Katy Perry were on hand in L.A.'s Westwood to celebrate the Paramount comedy, but Jennifer Aniston was the biggest draw.

Red Solo cups were handed out at the beginning of the red carpet for holiday comedy Office Christmas Party, where many guests broke out their best holiday sweaters for the occasion.

The Paramount feature follows the employees who band together to save their branch of a nondescript tech company from shutting down by throwing an epic (nondenominational) holiday party to impress a potential client. 

Jason Bateman, T.J. Miller, Olivia Munn, Courtney B. Vance, Kate McKinnon and Vanessa Bayer are all jam-packed into the movie from directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck. 

"It would be crazy to do a movie like this, with this talented a cast, and not allow them to do what they do best," said Gordon when asked if the cast was partial to improving on set.

Speck added: "They are all such great actors in addition to being great improvisers, so when they were improvising they were always in character, which makes it easier for us in the editing room."  

Travel-sized bottles of Casamigos Tequila, a company co-owned by George Clooney, were being passed out. Others who walked the green-and-red carpet included Katy Perry and newly minted Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel.

Jennifer Aniston, one of the leads of the A-list ensemble, garnered the largest applause from the crowd of fans, as well as the press, outside the Westwood's Regency theater.

"I was like, 'How many times can I try to force myself to have scenes with Jennifer Aniston?'" actress Jillian Bell confessed before the film's screening. "And the answer is: as many times as you can."

Actor Karan Soni, who had previously worked with Miller on Deadpool and McKinnon on Ghostbusters, said that he had a memorable onset Aniston experience. 

"There was a moment with Jennifer, and I doubt she would even remember this, but she came up to me the last day she was filming," he said, "and I was very aware that she was around me and then she just squeezed my arm and just walked away.
"I think, at least in my world, it was her way of saying, 'You're doing fine.' And I was like, that's all I'll ever need," joked Soni. "I'll have that forever."