'The Office' Season Finale Draws Mixed Reactions Online

"The Office"

The star-studded episode, with appearances by Jim Carrey, Will Arnett and Ricky Gervais, didn’t have the same firepower as Steve Carell’s farewell episode “Goodbye Michael.”

Even A-list talent couldn’t help The Office garner positive reviews.

The veteran NBC comedy, which featured appearances by Jim Carrey, Will Arnett, Ricky Gervais, Catherine Tate, Warren Buffett, James Spader and Ray Romano, ended its seventh season without [spoiler alert] naming a new office manager — and that left some viewers unhappy.

Gervais even took to his blog to criticize the season closer.

Greg Hedges wrote on Twitter: “i was so disappointed in the finale of the office that i couldnt finish it @theofficenbc Booo!”

Alexander Ostrovsky went further, saying Steve Carell’s farewell episode earlier in the season should have been the season closer: “wow, “office” season finale was weak, didn’t expect that. “goodbye, michael” would’ve been perfect, tbpfh.”

A Twitter user with the handle @83nn0 wasn’t pleased with the turn of events, saying: “Things really arent looking good for #theoffice.”

Tyler Clark, however, took the next step, writing a break-up letter to The Office that said, “We both knew this was coming. Our romance has been dead for years. ... Sure, wes till have some good times, but you’re just not worth the effort.”

But not everyone thought The Office did a bad job ending its seventh season. Several people noted their excitement over the slew of guest stars, even suggesting which ones would be the best candidate for Michael Scott’s old job.

Joe Tynan wrote: “James Spader kicked so much comic ass last night on #TheOffice . His interview was on of the show's best scenes ever.”

Rosella Weigand seconded Tynan’s thoughts: “Every1 of #TheOffice finale's guest stars is uniquely funny. But James Spader stole the show; I wouldn’t mind taking orders from him.”

Chris Serro thought Carrey’s performance was the best, saying, “@JimCarrey 's part in #TheOffice season finale was by far it's best. Even if it was for like 5 seconds... #alldownhillfromhere.”

David Atchison believed recurring actor Kathy Bates should be considered for the job: “I wish Kathy Bates would run Dundler Mifflin for a season or two #TheOffice.”