Watch 'Orange Is the New Black' Actress Lea DeLaria Take On a Homophobic Subway Preacher

Lea Delaria - P 2014
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

"You are the reason America's in trouble"

Lea DeLaria is not one to ignore subway preachers spouting hate. Instead, she fully confronts them.

The actress, who plays Big Boo on Orange Is the New Black, got into a shouting match with a subway preacher while riding the M train in New York City on Tuesday.

“We do not have to be force-fed this man’s religious beliefs," DeLaria yelled while wearing a "Bad Jew" shirt and holding a bag that read "God Hates Bags." The proud gay activist continued, "Jesus never said for you to do this, ever — not anywhere in the Bible."

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DeLaria asked the man to show her where in the Bible it said he had a right to "do this" and he replied, "Alright, let me show you. She added, "But don't just read me one quote, sir. You've gotta read me the whole thing because about two lines after what you're about to read me, it's going to tell you not to eat pork. It's going to tell you not to wear clothes that are made of mixed fiber. Don't come at me because I went to f—ing Catholic school for 12 years and I know every line."

As the subway preacher went on, DeLaria lead the commuters in a rendition of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" before getting into it again after the man talked about America being in trouble.

“Religious fanatics are the reason America’s in trouble,” she responded. “The Tea Party, ultra-creepy Christians and conservatives. You are the reason America’s in trouble.”

When the man referred to the "sin of homosexuality," things got even more tense, watch their interaction below.

Big Boo Part II from Gothamist on Vimeo.