Former O.J. Simpson Prosecutor Christopher Darden Finally Speaks Out on Popular FX Series

Today Show / YouTube
Former Los Angeles County prosecutor Christopher Darden appears on the 'Today' show to discuss the O.J. Simpson case.

"I think the whole glove thing was just the most brilliant move in any criminal courtroom in the history of American jurisprudence," the former prosecutor says.

Former Los Angeles County prosecutor Christopher Darden was recently thrust back into the spotlight thanks to the popular FX series about the O.J. Simpson criminal trial, but for the most part, he remained quiet — until now. 

On Monday, Darden appeared on the Today show as part of its new series "Where Are They Now: Case Closed."

First and foremost, Darden said he does not regret having Simpson try on the bloody gloves found during the investigation into the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

"I think the trial was lost way before then," Darden said "I think the whole glove thing was just the most brilliant move in any criminal courtroom in the history of American jurisprudence. Let me go on the record and say I can't regret it. It's the past." 

The glove debacle was a turning point in the case, experts contend, and was a high-drama moment in FX's The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Darden said he was doing all he could to win the case, which included taking "unorthodox approaches," meaning the glove demonstration.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures," he said. 

Darden said he did not pay much attention to the 10-part FX series, which ran from Feb. 2 to April 5. "I think that's the healthiest thing for me to do," he added. 

Tensions between Darden and the late Johnnie Cochran, Simpson's lead attorney, were as high as depicted on the show, but Darden said the two men made amends after the case. 

"I miss him," Darden said. "I wish he were here so we could argue about [the case] some more."

Darden was also asked about the possible romantic relationship between himself and co-prosecutor Marcia Clark, which was depicted in the FX series. He sidestepped by saying he would wait to comment until Clark was sitting next to him. 

"If I were to say I had a relationship with Marcia Clark, people would say we lost the case because we were more interested in intimacy than in the law and the facts," Darden said. "That would be an even worse position to be in."