O.J. Simpson's Parole Board Member Tie a Subtle Jab

O.J. Simpson and Parole Officer - Split - Screenshot - H 2017

We've found ourselves a Chiefs fan (and the Twitterverse's new favorite troll).

We knew that football fans could be petty, but this guy takes the cake.  

O.J. Simpson, a man whose legendary football career was overshadowed by one of the biggest trials (and car chases) of the 20th century, is in Nevada, where he just heard he'll be granted parole. Simpson was sentenced to 33 years in 2008 after he was convicted of armed robbery involving two sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room.

All eyes were on the 70-year-old, who recounted his version of the events that landed him in prison nine years ago — that is, until the camera panned to Adam Endel, a member the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners since 2009, and his chosen accessory: a Kansas City Chiefs tie. 

Lest you think that Endel's decision to don the tie was simply a coincidence, it should be noted that the Chiefs are a longtime rival of the team Simpson played on for eight years, the Buffalo Bills. (Simpson also played for the 49ers for two years.)

The tie did not go unnoticed by the Twitterverse, who speculated that Endel was majorly trolling Simpson (not that it mattered in the end): 

We might recommend this pair of Kansas City Chiefs suspenders for Endel's next run-in with The Juice.