OK Go Party With the Muppets (Video)

California band OK Go covers "The Muppets Show" theme song.

As usual, OK Go committed fully to their latest video concept: Not only did the California band make a video for its Green Album cover of The Muppet Show theme  song alongside Kermit and Fozzie -- they practically became Muppets. 

Much like Weezer back in 2002's "Keep Fishin'" video, OK Go is set to play the now-defunct Muppet Show. Alas, the clip takes the sequence several steps beyond a basic performance clip, winking at past OK Go clips (for "Here It Goes Again" and latest video, "All Is Not Lost"). In the end, OK Go and the Muppets find themselves -- literally -- odd bedfellows.

Speaking with Billboard.com earlier this month at Lollapalooza, OK Go frontman Damian Kulash couldn't hide his excitement over working with Kermit and co. "We played President Obama's birthday party this week, and while I love the president, I gotta say, I'm even more excited about making a video with the Muppets," Kulash gushed.

Muppet Show balcony curmudgeons Statler and Waldorf captured our exact sentiments on the video: "OK Go and the Muppets… that sounds pretty exciting." Then, like the rest of the Internet, they followed it up with, "Let's watch cat videos."

Muppets: The Green Album, out today (Aug. 23), also features contributions from Andrew Bird, Weezer & Hayley Williams, Amy Lee, and My Morning Jacket.