Keith Olbermann Puts His Trump Condo Up For Sale — and Unloads on Donald

The political commentator lists his Trump Palace apartment for $3.9 million. "However this ends, he’s not going to be welcome in New York,” says Olbermann of the presidential candidate.

Five weeks after announcing that he no longer was comfortable living in a building owned by Donald Trump, Keith Olbermann has formally listed his three-bedroom New York condo in Trump Place for sale. Unit 40B, a 1,746-square-foot condo with two and a half bathrooms, a recently updated chef’s kitchen and a 60-square-foot terrace (and two other outdoor spaces) is listed for $3.9 million.  

The Hollywood Reporter reached the sports anchor-turned-political commentator as he rode the 7 train to Wednesday’s New York Mets game, and he described his feelings about the listing in one word: "relief."

“When Trump started going off the rails five or six years ago, I started to protest by denouncing him in commentaries I actually filmed in his own buildings,” says Olbermann. “That was sufficient for awhile. But that was just no longer enough when it became a presidential campaign of demagoguery, so I had to take it to the next step.”

As happy as he might be to take that step, Olbermann is likely to lose money on the transaction. According to public records displayed on, the condo was last sold in April 2007 for $4.2 million. There presently are 13 units for sale in the building, located in New York City’s Upper East side, with an average time on market of 131 days.

The listing touts the unit’s spectacular views, with exposures to the north, south and east. Olberman says you can see about two-thirds of Central Park and eight of the city’s nine major bridges. “On a clear day, you can see big freighters on the Atlantic off Coney Island,” he says. “And there’s a sweet spot in the living room where if you look left, you see Yankee Stadium and if you look straight, you see the lights of Citi Field. Other than that, it’s pretty run of the mill."

When asked who he imagines buying his condo, Olbermann turns down his rhetoric for a moment. “I’m not judging anyone who doesn’t get out of his buildings, nor anyone who moves in,” he says. “This was just a personal moral choice. You want it? Go nuts!”

Regarding that personal moral choice: Olbermann took his feelings about Trump’s political rhetoric very public in March when he announced his decision to move with an op-ed in the Washington Post, writing, “I’m getting out because of the degree to which the very name 'Trump' has degraded the public discourse and the nation itself.” He later told The Wall Street Journal that he would have happily stayed “if they had changed the name to something more positive, like Ebola Palace.”

Olbermann declined to cite a favorite personal moment from his years in the building. “I’m both relieved and a little sad to be leaving,” he says. “The staffers there are and were my friends, and I’ll miss their generosity and efforts.” He pauses. “But it still feels like a jailbreak.”

With the New York primary less than a week away, Olbermann was happy to take a swipe at his soon-to-be former landlord. “Even if he does lose 70-30 — a distinct possibility — electorally, there may be nothing left of him but his bronzer,” he says. “The damage he’s going to do to the national psyche could be irreparable. He’s opening a Pandora’s box of hate, the way George Wallace did.”

Olbermann continues, “However all this ends, when it does, he’s not going to be welcome in New York. And on a personal level, from just his public comments, it’s been pretty clear he needs professional help. I hope he seeks it.”