'Too Old' Miss Delaware Wants Title Back, May Sue (Video)

Amanda Longacre appeared on Monday's "Today" after her tearful appearance the week before and insisted she didn’t know she was in violation of age regulations and wants to be able to compete in the Miss America pageant as Miss Delaware.

The Miss Delaware contestant who won her state's title but was then stripped of her crown after pageant officials informed her that she was too old, according to Miss America regulations, is demanding that her title be reinstated, and she is willing to sue to make that happen.

A defiant Amanda Longacre appeared on Monday's Today in the show's New York studio after a remote appearance on Friday's edition, in which she broke down on the air.

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"I won the title of Miss Delaware. I am Miss Delaware, and I was nothing but honest from the beginning," Longacre said on Monday's Today. "I did not know that rule [that contestants can't be older than age 24 by December 31] at all, and they reiterated to me since the beginning that I was eligible to compete. I asked from the beginning, 'Am I eligible?' They asked for my contract. I gave them my birth certificate. I gave them everything."

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Longacre, who appeared with her lawyer, Mark Billion, said that even though the Miss Delaware Scholarship Organization is allowing her to keep the $9,000 she won in scholarship awards, she wants her title back.

"What we want to see is to have Amanda compete in Miss America and serve as Miss Delaware, and in our mind that's what's fair. And if we have to sue to do it we will, but our goal here is that she be allowed to enjoy the title that she's earned," Billion said on Today.

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Watch Longacre's full interview on Today below.

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