Old Navy Doesn’t Care About Young Artists

Old Navy Shirt - P 2015
Courtesy of Old Navy

And these controversial kids tees prove it.

Future Andy Warhols, take note. Old Navy apparently couldn’t care less about your artistic talents. The fashion retailer made this clear with offending slogans on kids t-shirts that it's reportedly selling, bearing controversial slogans discouraging budding young artists.

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The children’s tees bear the slogan "Young Aspiring Artist" with the word "Artist" crossed out, and replaced with the words "Astronaut" or "President." The tees, which are nowhere to be found on the Old Navy site (but are still available on the Chinese site), bear the brand’s signature label.

The shirts have already drawn the wrath of the Internet, with Twitter users taking Old Navy to task for the slogan. Designed to be empowering, the slogan seems to have primarily succeeded in bashing creatives and their chosen professions.

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And the greatest irony? The t-shirts were, after all, designed by artists.  Old Navy, you’ve got some 'splaining to do.