Oldenburg: Lou Diamond Phillips and Dash Mihok face off in 'Quest' (Exclusive Clip)

Santiago Rizzo's directorial debut has its world premiere Sept. 15 at the Oldenburg International Film Festival.

Nearly 30 years after playing a defiant teen in Stand and Deliver, Lou Diamond Phillips is back with another inspirational tale of high school rebellion and redemption.

In Quest, Phillips plays Gus, the violent father of a delinquent son Mills (Gregory Kasyan) who is on the fast track to crime. The only thing that could save him is Tim, the boy's teacher, football coach and mentor, played by Dash Mihok.

Santiago Rizzo wrote and directed Quest in his feature film debut. The story is based on his own life.

In this exclusive clip from the film, Tim comes looking for Mills at his home, only to find, and confront Gus.

Quest has its world premiere at the Oldenburg International Film Festival on September 15.

The 24th Oldenburg festival runs Sept.13-17.

Check out the clip below.