Oldenburg Co-Pro Event Features Norman Mailer Adaptation, Projects From Philippe Mora, Harry Kumel

Monash of Australia
Courtesy of the Oldenburg Film Festival

Jim Jarmusch producer Jim Stark ('Night on Earth,' 'Coffee and Cigarettes') will host a panel on making low-budget films at Oldenburg's Matchbox Coproduction Lounge.

An adaptation of Norman Mailer's last novel, The Castle in the Forest, and Barbara Abel's French bestseller Duelle, as well as new projects from cult filmmakers Philippe Mora and Harry Kumel, will be on offer at this year's Matchbox Coproduction Lounge, the industry event held during the Oldenburg International Film Festival.

Mailer's son Michael, who will present Sienna Miller starrer The Private Life of a Modern Woman in Oldenburg, will be on hand to pitch the adaptation of his father's final novel to potential partners. 

Kumel, the Belgium filmmaker behind such features as Monsieur Hawarden (1968) and Eline Vere (1991), will be in Oldenburg looking for backers for Mother of Darkness, a planned sequel to his 1971 cult vampire feature Daughters of Darkness. Kumel will also present The Adventures of Harry Dickson, a planned TV series based on a story by Jean Ray, whose novel was the basis for Kumel's 1972 feature Malpertuis, starring Orson Welles.

Mora, another cult director from the 1970s, has joined forces with fellow Australian filmmaker Jim McElroy on Monash of Australia, a planned $10 million biopic of Sir John Monash, a Jewish Australian military commander who launched the greatest offensive of WWI at Amiens on the Western Front. McElroy, whose production credits include Picnic at Hanging Rock and The Year of Living Dangerously, is hoping to secure a German writer and co-producer for the period feature.

The one-day Matchbox event, which will be held in Oldenburg on Saturday, Sept. 15, will feature 10 international projects at different stages of development.

On Sunday, Sept 16, acclaimed indie producer Jim Stark, whose credits include Jim Jarmusch's Down by LawNight on Earth and Coffee and Cigarettes, will host a panel on low-budget production. Stark is attending Oldenburg to present his latest feature, the German drama Adam, from director Maria Solrun.

The Oldenburg Film Festival runs Sept. 12-16.