Older Women Are Having a Moment in Hollywood

Iris Apfel - S 2015
Dustin Wayne Harris/PatrickMcMullan.com

Iris Apfel - S 2015

Iris Apfel, 93, and Tony winner Mary Louise Wilson, 83, are the subjects of new documentaries.

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On the heels of campaigns from Joni Mitchell, 71, for Saint Laurent and Joan Didion, 80, for Celine, New York fashion icon Iris Apfel, 93, stars in her own just-released documentary, Iris, from the late Albert Maysles. She tells THR that the old-is-hot trend makes sense: "The fashion industry glorifies youth, which is wonderful, but 18-year-old kids can't buy $15,000 dresses. Women in their 60s to 80s have expendable funds and time to go shopping, but they can't find anything. It's about time."

Meanwhile, Tony winner Mary Louise Wilson, 83, who stars in Broadway's On the Twentieth Century, is also the focus of a new doc directed by Oscar-nominated scribe Ron Nyswaner (Homeland). Talk about a last laugh: The title, She's the Best Thing in It, is taken from her pre-purchased tombstone.