Oliver Martinez's Ex Kylie Minogue Tweets Congratulations on His Engagement to Halle Berry

Kylie Minogue Oliver Martinez Halle Berry Split - H 2012
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Kylie Minogue Oliver Martinez Halle Berry Split - H 2012

The French actor, who dated the Australian singer for four years, was at her side during her bout with cancer.

Despite the fact that their reps have not confirmed the news leaked by the jeweler who says he made their engagement ring, at least one person thinks Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry are getting hitched. His ex-girlfriend, Australian pop star Kylie Minogue. She's Tweeted: "Congrats to Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry!! #wedding," 

Minogue and Martinez dated for four years before splitting in 2007. Minogue credits the French actor for helping her through the very difficult days of her battle against breast cancer.'

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"He was incredible," she has said. "He didn't hesitate in canceling work and putting projects on hold so he could be with me. He's the most honorable man I have ever met."

Although there was speculation at that time that Kylie and Olivier would wed, they did not. But they remain close friends and Olivier even took Halle to see Kylie perform onstage a few months ago.

So who is this guy who captured Halle's heart? The Paris-born Martinez, who turns 46 today, won the French Cesar for Most Promising Actor for his role in Un, deux, trous, soleil in 1993 and followed that win with roles in several films such as The Horseman on the Roof, The Chambermaid on the Titanic and My Man.

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He is not well known to American audiences despite having appeared in Julian Schnabel's Before Night Falls (2000) opposite Javier Bardem and Johnny Depp. Martinez's performance was overshadowed by Bardem's in the eyes of critics. He played Diane Lane's French lover in Unfaithful (2002). He has since appeared on TV in The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (2003), S. W. A. T. (2003) and Taking Lives (2004).

  Often called the French Brad Pitt, he came to acting at age 23 but before that he fought as a welterweight in Europe, taking after his dad who was also a fighter. He loves motorcycles. He's been romantically involved with several beautiful women, inlcuding Juliette Binoche Minogue, Mira Sorvino and now Berry. Prior to her appearing in Michael Bay's Transformers sequel, British papers reported Martinez was seeing Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

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Here's what Martinez has said about love and work.

On onset romances: "If I had to fall in love with all the actresses I play with and live the situations I have to play, I would be lost ! I need to be solid and know who I really am to have fun in making something else. I noticed, while talking with other actors, that they often let ambiguity float. I don't like ambiguity, it's dangerous. I need distance. I also think that the result would prevent the audience from identifying to the characters. If you feel the things too strongly, you simply close the doors."

On movie love scenes: "I was not very comfortable. I always say I'm not very comfortable in love scenes because I'm shy, because I don't play naked. It's very rare for a French actor. I have an issue with that. But as I've said, when I punch somebody in a movie, I don't do it for real. [It's] the art of lying and we try to lie very well, in our love scenes also."

Doubtless his relationship with Halle may help in his Hollywood film career. The film that they fell in love on -- Dark Tide -- directed by John Stockwell -- is about a couple on a diving trip and vengeful a great white shark. It's scheduled for release this year. Martinez's next film, Deauville, also stars Claire Forlani, Lara Flynn Boyle, Hector Elizonodo and Claudia Cardinale.

All we know is that he will make a very attractive arm piece for Halle when she appears on the 2012 Awards Season red carpets in her usual stunning gowns. In the past, she's worn Versace, Elie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana, Pucci, Gucci, Halston, Marchesa, Nina Ricci, Roberto Cavalli, YSL, Vera Wang. Now she's got an Olivier Martinez accessory.

What do you think of Halle's new man?