Oliver Stone apology 'insufficient,' says ADL

Group calls for director to repudiate all anti-Semitic remarks

The Anti-Defamation League said Wednesday that Oliver Stone's apology for his remarks about Jewish control over the media stops short and he needs to "fully repudiate all of his conspiratorial anti-Semitic statements about Jews."

"Oliver Stone's apology stops short and is therefore insufficient," Abraham Foxman, ADL national director, said in a statement. "While he now admits that Jews do not control Hollywood, the media and other industries, he ignores his assertion that Jews are "...the most powerful lobby in Washington" and that "Israel has f***** up United States foreign policy." This is another conspiratorial anti-Semitic canard that Mr. Stone needs to repudiate."

A spokeswoman for Stone said the director stands by his apology and has no further comment.