Oliver Stone to Be Honored at Nantucket Film Festival

Oliver Stone GETTY H 2016

Seth Meyers will host the 2016 Screenwriters Tribute Award ceremony.

Oliver Stone has been tapped to receive the 2016 Screenwriters Tribute Award during the 21st annual Nantucket Film Festival, set to run June 22-27.

The Platoon filmmaker's work also includes Natural Born Killers and the screenplay for Scarface. His next project is the Edward Snowden biopic Snowden.

Late Night host and Saturday Night Live alum Seth Meyers will host the June 25 ceremony.

“Oliver Stone has brought some of the most thought-provoking, illuminating and iconic cinema to audiences over the years," Mystelle Brabbée, executive director of the Nantucket Film Festival, said Tuesday in a statement. "Very few screenwriters have consistently reached as high or have taken as many chances in screenplay after screenplay. For us, that is what makes him an exciting filmmaker."

Past recipients of the award include Nancy Meyers, Judd Apatow and Aaron Sorkin.