Oliver Stone, Jamie Foxx Circling Martin Luther King Jr. Biopic for DreamWorks, Warner Bros.

Oliver Stone San Sebastian Film Festival - P 2013
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Oliver Stone San Sebastian Film Festival - P 2013

Steven Spielberg is among the producers of the biopic about one of America's most important historical figures.

Oliver Stone might be wading back into the political arena for his next movie project -- and could bring Jamie Foxx with him.

Stone, who has tackled hot-button biopics with JFK, Nixon and W., is in talks to direct the untitled Martin Luther King Jr. project being made as a co-production by DreamWorks and Warner Bros. Foxx is in talks to star as the civil rights leader.

The project is working off a current script by Kario Salem. Ronald Harwood wrote a previous draft.

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Steven Spielberg, Suzanne de Passe, Madison Jones and Sam Nappi are producing. Members of King’s family are involved as executive producers.  

Neither Stone nor Foxx have offers at this stage, but meetings have taken place. The two are keen on doing it, but reservations abound.

Stone is one of Hollywood’s most polarizing figures, who loves stirring up the sand not just by being outspoken on issues, but also by tackling political or social material using a strong point of view.

He took on Vietnam twice in the 1980s with Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July, violence in Natural Born Killers, and capitalism with Wall Street.

But it’s his biopics that rattle the right and left (let’s face it; it’s mostly the right), as well as historians, who question his accuracy and tendency to insert more controversial and outlying ideas into his well-crafted and well-cast pieces.