Oliver Stone Lauds Kremlin-Funded Russia Today, Suggests U.K. Sees It as "Threat"

Oliver Stone - H 2015
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'It's a media war,' he says in an interview on the network's Going Underground program.

Hollywood director Oliver Stone has defended the Kremlin-funded, English-language television network Russia Today (RT), whose bank accounts have been blocked in Great Britain, saying the network seems to be seen as "a threat" in the U.K.

"Maybe you are a threat – they consider you propagandistic,” Stone said on the air of RT’s Going Underground program, when asked to comment on the situation with the network's accounts. "But when I look at the London papers, I think, 'Who is being propagandistic?' "

"It seems that it’s a media war, but it’s a shame that the truth is being sacrificed," he went on to say. "The British people are not getting the news, unless you allow other points of view."

Stone also praised the network. "RT has always been responsible, they are very clear about their facts, and they show evidence, filmic evidence," he said.

Stone has been expressing views favorable to the Kremlin over the last few years, especially since Russia's annexation of the Crimea from Ukraine back in 2014, which caused relations between the West and Russia to sour.

On Monday, RT announced that its accounts in Great Britain had been blocked in a move that could threaten the network's future operations in the country.