Oliver Stone Says Obama 'Hasn't Kept' His Promises, Calls Mitt Romney an 'Idiot'

TELEVISION: Oliver Stone
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Stone will direct an HBO film based on "The Power Broker," Robert A. Caro's book about Robert Moses, who reshaped the New York landscape. Stone will executive produce alongside Peter Guber and James Gandolfini. Nicholas Meyer ("Collateral Damage") is writing.

The "Savages" director, who earlier this year raised eyebrows when he praised Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, also opens up to THR about whether he's decided to vote for Obama in November.

Liberal-leaning director Oliver Stone made headlines earlier this year when he declared that he would support Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul over President Obama in the upcoming elections.

Six months later, he says in the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, the director of such films as JFK and W. still isn't sure whether he'll vote for the president come November.

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Obama's “got his problems, and I think he made certain promises he hasn’t kept,” Stone says. “Obama has carried on the Bush war on terror and has not addressed all the things he promised he would do to curtail the hype and fear that pervade this country.”

Still, he adds, "Obama’s doing his best."

Despite the fact that Paul, a U.S. representative from Texas, essentially ended his campaign last month when he announced he would not compete in any further primaries, Stone is still a big supporter of the politician.

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“I like Ron Paul’s magnetism, his decency, his honor and his foreign policy,” he says. Nevertheless, he adds, “It’s hard for me to vote Republican.”

There's one GOP candidate who definitely won't be getting Stone's vote: former Massachusetts governor -- and presumptive Republican Party nominee -- Mitt Romney, about whom Stone doesn't mince words.

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“I’m not going to vote for that idiot,” he says.

Stone's next movie, Savages -- about two pot growers whose mutual girlfriend is kidnapped by a Mexican cartel -- stars Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, Aaron Johnson, Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek and John Travolta. The film opens July 6.