Oliver Stone Says He Has No Plans for a Trump Biopic: "People Are Fascinated by Him, but I’m Not"

Oliver Stone - Getty - H 2016
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The acclaimed filmmaker, who once directed Trump in 'Wall Street,' says the president-elect "has enormous balls, so you have to give him credit for that."

Oliver Stone has no desire to make a film about Donald Trump.

“People are fascinated by him, but I’m not as much,” Stone told The Hollywood Reporter at the Los Cabos Film Festival. “But he has enormous balls, so you have to give him credit for that.”

The three-time Oscar winner’s directing credits include biographical movies about former presidents George W. Bush and Richard Nixon. Stone directed Trump in the 1987 drama Wall Street, but the scenes were edited out. What impressed him the most about Trump was “a confidence that I have to say I’ve never had.”

Stone by no means considers himself a Trump or a Clinton supporter. He fears that Clinton’s foreign policy of "regime change," especially in the Middle East, could have led to a potential World War III, and Trump, he says, called for the execution of Edward Snowden and more surveillance.

“It is the Game of Thrones,” he said.

Stone told reporters at a Friday news conference in the Mexican resort town of Los Cabos that his latest film, about former NSA agent Snowden, generated no interest whatsoever from Hollywood studios because the corporations running movie studios collaborate with the government to get mergers approved.

Case in point, said the writer-director, is the proposed AT&T-Time Warner tie-up.

Stone has worked with Warner Bros. on several movies and has been allowed a certain amount of freedom, but his main concern now is that the merger, if approved by regulators, would be “the end of free speech.”

“It comes by silence; they don’t make your movie,” he said. "The only reason Snowden got made was because the French and Germans, who respect Snowden, supported it."