Olivia Munn Reveals She Froze "a Bunch" of Her Eggs

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Olivia Munn

The actress got personal on Anna Faris's podcast.

When Anna Faris hosted fellow actress Olivia Munn on her podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified, this week, they seemed to leave no highly personal stone unturned. The girls chatted all about childbirth, specifically the horrors of what it does to women’s bodies, and addressed other issues related to fertility too.

Munn told Faris — and listeners — that she had planned for the future by freezing her eggs when she was younger. "I turned 35, then you’re high risk," she said. “I did, years ago, freeze a bunch of eggs.” After being tested, she discovered she actually had a lot of eggs then, while a friend who was the same age had "the egg count of a 50-year-old."


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Because of this experience, Munn is a big advocate for the practice, telling all her friends about it. "It’s no longer on the experimental list and I think that every girl should do it. For one, you don’t have to race the clock anymore," she said. "You don’t have to worry about it, worry about your job or anything. It’s there." She joins celebrities including Whitney Cummings and Maria Menounos who have also frozen eggs.

That’s not to say she wouldn’t have kids the old-fashioned way sooner if the opportunity arose. The actress is currently dating NFL star Aaron Rodgers and, when Faris asked if she wanted to get pregnant, responded with "Yes." She also made the point, however, that if she had children with Rodgers now and then they split and she meets someone in her 40s, her frozen eggs would allow her to have more kids. Whatever the case, no one could accuse Munn of not being prepared for all possibilities.