Watch Olivia Wilde Act Out 10 Overused Hollywood Scenes

Lloyd Bishop/NBC
Olivia Wilde on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'

"I can honestly say this movie has better songs than 'Les [Miserables]' and 'The Sound of Music' combined," she said of 'Twitter: The 3D Movie Musical.'

Acting is hard, but Olivia Wilde just proved that she can do it — all.

The Meadowland star went through Late Night With Seth Meyers' "Actathalon Challenge," which is "a multistage theatrical obstacle course designed to test an actor's commitment to the craft of acting," Seth Meyers informed.

Wilde played a handful of characters while running through 10 of film and TV's most recognized scenes, such as slamming a phone and swiping everything off an office desk in frustration, staring introspectively into a mirror, quitting a job after a speech about hard work and dedication, sneaking out of an apartment after a one-night stand and "The Why," or dramatically shouting "Why?" after receiving bad news.

To capture all aspects of the biz (all in under five minutes), the challenge also included a selfie with a technologically challenged fan and a press junket "when you have to promote a movie that you know is complete garbage." During the latter, she praised Twitter: The 3D Movie Musical by noting, "I can honestly say this movie has better songs than Les [Miserables] and The Sound of Music combined."

Watch the video below.