Olympic torch relay gets live treatment


NEW YORK -- After protests in London and Paris earlier this week, cable channels are preparing for live coverage of Wednesday's scheduled Olympic torch relay through San Francisco.

CNN and Fox News Channel have been reporting live from San Francisco on Tuesday. Both said they plan heavy coverage of the torch relay Wednesday, which will be in the late afternoon on the East Coast.

Anti-China protests have stepped up as the torch made its appearances in London and Paris, with scuffles and arrests in both cities. The relay was stopped early by Paris officials, then whisked off to the United States where it's likely there will be heavy protests around the Beijing Olympics and China's role in suppressing dissent in Tibet.

Already there have been protests in California, where banners "One World, One Dream" and "Free Tibet '08" were unfurled by people who scaled the Golden Gate Bridge.

Fox News Channel, which has a full-time bureau in San Francisco, plans to cover the relay live Wednesday. Reporters are San Francisco-based Claudia Cowan and Trace Gallagher. CNN will have Dan Simon and Ted Rowlands.