Olympics 2012: British Newspapers Bid Farewell to the Summer Games

London Olympics Logo NEW - P 2012

London Olympics Logo NEW - P 2012

With headlines like "Goldbye" and "We're World Beaters...Dream GB," the tabloids and others celebrate the country's big medal haul and the successful Olympics.

LONDON - The British newspapers on Monday morning bid their farewell to the London 2012 Summer Olympics with front pages that lauded the successful organization of the Games and the big medal haul for Great Britain. 

"Goldbye," the Daily Mirror said on its front page with a picture of fireworks above the Olympic Stadium during Sunday night's closing ceremony. The paper called its Monday issue a "Historic London 2012 Edition."

The gold reference was a word play to celebrate Great Britain's biggest medal haul since 1908. The country celebrated 65 medals overall, including 29 gold, 17 silver and 19 bronze medals. That ranked it third behind the U.S. and China, but ahead of Russia when ranking based on gold medals. Russia won 82 total medals. 

The Sun tabloid, part of Rupert Murdoch's News International, was more brash with its headline "We're World Beaters...Dream GB," a pun on the phrase "Team GB" used here for the British Olympic team.

"Didn't We Do Well. Spectacular Farewell to the Greatest Ever Games" - that was the way the Daily Express feted the closing ceremony and the Games. It was a tribute to the friendly spirit of the Olympics and the British capital's ability to pull them off without any of the traffic or security chaos some had feared.

The Guardian in its Monday edition went with a similar theme. It used the headline "Goodbye to the Glorious Games" and an aerial shot of the stadium lit up like the Union Jack flag.

Meanwhille, the Telegraph in its first edition titled "Thanks, It's Been a Blast." Its second edition used words from London organizer and former Olympian Sebastian Coe for its headline: "We lit the flame. We lit up the world."

The Times of London, also part of News International, took a more indirect approach with the headline "17 days later." Its second headline said: "Joyous party brings Olympic Games to a close after the wonder of London 2012." 

"That's all, folks," the Independent, meanwhile, titled in very British fashion on the front of its own souvenir edition that also depicted the stadium with its Union Jack lights and fireworks above.

Other celebratory Monday headlines included "Out With a Bang" (Daily Mail) and "Golden Goodbye" (Metro).

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