Olympics 2012: CNN's Piers Morgan Says U.K. Should Boost Youth Fitness

Piers Morgan
AP Photo/Ian West

"Piers Morgan Tonight" has improved CNN's performance in the hour, but Rachel Maddow still tops the British host.

To capitalize on "this Olympic fever," the host suggests "no more of this banning egg-and-spoon races crap."

LONDON - CNN host Piers Morgan on Monday suggested that the British government take advantage of all the excitement surrounding the Summer Olympics here to make the country's children fitter. 

"Get our bored youth fit & playing competitive sport every day - then watch teenage obesity, violence, hooliganism, crime etc disintegrate," Morgan tweeted. "Capitalise on this Olympic fever."

He also provided specific suggestions for educators and politicians. "The Government should order at least 1hr of compulsory daily sport for every State school child in Britain + provide staff/equipment,"Morgan said. "Then buy back the playing fields so disgracefully sold off" by previous governments.

He even shared an idea on how to support patriotism among British children. "Oh, and while we're at it, make every schoolchild sing the National Anthem every day. Make them proud of their country," Morgan tweeted.

The CNN anchor wrapped up his thoughts on youth fitness in the U.K. with one final thought. "Make school sports competitive again," he said. "No more of this banning egg-and-spoon races crap to avoid upsetting poor little Tiddles."

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