Olympics 2012: U.K., U.S. Athletes Top Global Social Media Ranking

Michael Phelps 19th Gold Medal Olympics - P 2012
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Michael Phelps 19th Gold Medal Olympics - P 2012

Data from 11 social networks shows Michael Phelps, two Chinese stars and Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt among the top 10 Olympians.

LONDON - Twitter unveiled this week that Michael Phelps had drawn the second-most mentions on the micro-blogging service out of all Olympians over the first few days of the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

Now there is new global data on the stars of what has been dubbed the first-ever social media Olympics.

Global social media analytics firm Starcount.com on Friday shared its own data on the Olympians drawing the most social media attention so far. On its list of the top 10 Olympians of the first week of the Summer Games, Phelps ranks second - just behind British diver Tom Daley.

Starcount.com uses 11 global social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Chinese networks Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo, to analyze the behavior of 1.5 billion users and chart the most popular social stars in such fields as sports and entertainment.

Daley leads the firm's list of top 10 social media power players among Olympians, according to Starcount.com. He has gained 390,381 Facebook likes and 629,389 Twitter followers, as well as 778,860 YouTube views since the start of the London Olympics, it said.

Here is its complete top 10 list:

1. Tom Daley (British diver)
Gained 390,381 Facebook likes, 629,389 Twitter followers, 778,860 YouTube views

2. Michael Phelps (U.S. swimmer)
Gained 194,354 Facebook likes, 505,376 Twitter followers

3. Ryan Lochte (U.S. swimmer)
Gained 76,293 Facebook likes, 491,463 Twitter followers and 7,380 YouTube views

4. Jordyn Wieber (U.S. gymnast)
Gained 142,457 Facebook likes, 217,669 Twitter followers, 376 YouTube views

5. LeBron James (U.S. basketball star)
Gained 84,336 Facebook likes, 108,709 Twitter followers, 2,767 YouTube views

6. Yi Siling (Chinese air rifle shooter)
Gained 902,375 Tencent Weibo Fans

7. Alexandra Raisman (U.S. gymnast)
Gained 30,361 Facebook likes, 173,043 Twitter followers

8. Usain Bolt (Jamaican sprinter)
Gained 81,003 Facebook likes, 90,101 Twitter followers, 944 YouTube views

9. Bradley Wiggings (British cyclist)
Gained 10,687 Facebook likes, 154,236 Twitter followers

10. Sun Yang (Chinese swimmer)
Gained 798,990 Sina Weibo Fans

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