Olympics boost H.K. primetime TV

But viewers complain about insufficient highlights

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HONG KONG -- Carrying the Olympics in real time has meant a viewership boost for Hong Kong broadcasters, but segments of the audience here have been eager to complain about the primetime coverage nonetheless.

For the first nine days of daytime broadcasts, top Hong Kong network Television Broadcasts recorded an increase of 200,000 viewers over its normal programming, Tsang Sing Ming, deputy controller of TVB external affairs department, said Monday.

Friday's U.S.-China women's volleyball game, dubbed the "peaceful war," and the women's three-meter springboard diving event Sunday attracted the highest numbers of viewers in primetime in Hong Kong, reaching 2.18 million and 1.86 million viewers, respectively.

The women's springboard diving event also attracted 820,000 for underdog network Asia Television. Additionally, hordes of pedestrians gathered around giant screens in major shopping districts to watch Sunday's diving event.

However, the primetime coverage of the Games also attracted complaints. TVB has received an average of two dozen complaints every day since the opening of the Olympics about insufficient evening highlights or inappropriate commercial breaks. A dozen more were complaints about Games coverage disrupting regular programming, especially primetime drama series.

TVB covers the Games on four channels, including the high-definition channel Jade, which broadcast events and highlights around the clock.
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