Olympics has new Battle of the Brians

NBC, CTV anchors meet while covering Vancouver Games

TORONTO -- Competitive pressures aren't just on the local ski hills during the 2010 Vancouver Games.

Canadian broadcaster CTV on Monday put its veteran Olympic broadcast host Brian Williams up against "NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams in a matchup of the two Williamses dubbed "The Summit."

Canadian TV viewers were left in no doubt as to who was the winning Williams when it came to measuring their fake fireplaces and greenrooms.

NBC's Williams was left in disbelief when he toured CTV's expansive Olympics studio set on the Vancouver waterfront.

"Ours is very modest. It's not the (Bob) Costas set, I'm just a simple news guy," NBC's Williams told CTV's Williams.

"It's CTV that has the luxury," NBC's Williams conceded.

"I bet you get a foot massage while you're on the air," he asked his Canadian counterpart.

Only during commercial breaks, Canada's Williams conceded.

Sure enough, when the two Williamses next toured the "NBC Nightly News" set in an adjoining studio, the CTV sports anchor had reason to gloat.

To enter the tiny set, both men ascended a ladder and emerged into the open air. No fake fireplace, as on Costas' NBC set, or flat plane glass to shield the American newscast from Vancouver's winter chill.

NBC's Williams pointed out the space heater at his feet to ensure that the anchor does not freeze during his nightly newscasts from Vancouver.

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CTV's Williams will be familiar to American TV viewers in cross-border U.S. states as he anchored previous Olympic Games broadcasts on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. before moving to the CTV for its coverage of the 2010 and 2012 Games.