Olympics 2012: Matt Lauer, Ann Curry Reunite; Critics Describe Segment as 'Uneasy,' 'Cool' (Video)

Ann Curry Matt Lauer screen grab - H 2012

Curry joined her former "Today" co-host at the London Games on Thursday, marking their first on-air reunion since she bid an emotional farewell to viewers in June.

Matt Lauer and Ann Curry on Thursday morning had their first on-air reunion since Curry's emotional exit as co-host of NBC's Today in June.

Curry joined her former co-host on the show, which is broadcasting from the Olympic Games in London, to present her profile of Olympics photographer Adam Pretty.

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"Ann, nice to see you," Lauer said in his introduction of Curry, to which she responded "Matt, good morning, good morning everybody" before launching right into the piece.

At the end of the nearly four-minute clip, Lauer asks Curry: "So you're pretty good with a camera, did you pick up anything?"

Curry, who now serves as Today anchor-at-large and NBC News national/international correspondent, replied that she had learned some lessons about layering, among other things.

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"Thanks so much," Lauer said. "Pretty cool. Ann, good to see you."

While their on-air interaction was brief, the media made much of it, with varied reactions to which of the two was more distant than the other.

The Los Angeles Times called the reunion "uneasy."

"In contrast to the spectacle surrounding her [Today] farewell, Curry's interaction with her colleague was both tear-free and mercifully brief, but not entirely without tension," wrote Meredith Blake, adding that Lauer seem "enthusiastic" in his greeting, but Curry was "less effusive."

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Newsday's Verne Gay, meanwhile, had a slightly different take, writing that "their first on-air encounter, while initially cool, ended on a briskly cordial note.

And the Associated Press also chimed in with this: "Curry's banter with Lauer seemed polite but distant. Lauer said 'nice to see you' at the outset and 'good to see you' at the end. Curry returned neither sentiment."

Meanwhile, Atlantic Wire's Alexander Abad-Santos observed that Curry "can barely make eye contact" with Lauer "when she says 'good morning' (which is basically a throwaway phrase in Curry-speak)."

Curry departed Today on June 28 and has since been replaced by Savannah Guthrie.

Watch the video of Curry and Lauer's on-air reunion below.