Olympics opening ceremony reviews


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NBC's telecast:

-- Tom Shales: "Eye-poppers gave way to jaw-droppers, stunners were followed by dazzlers."

-- Barry Garron: "'This is an Olympics unlike any other,' said co-host Bob Costas. True, but for many reasons virtually unmentioned in the opening broadcast."

-- Robert Bianco: "... astounding mix of cutting-edge technology and ancient traditions ... [but] a bit grandiose at times, particularly in those moments when the attempts to stoke national pride became stifling."

-- The Live Feed: "Those oversized cut-out photos of kids were a wee bit creepy. Like a sea of milk carton runways."

Telecasts from around the world:

-- Sydney Morning Herald: "Perfect opening."

-- Financial Times: "No country ever has – or surely will – match the Chinese in the effort, human power, synchronicity, ingenuity and, it has to be said, money they were willing to put into what was once a little show."

-- The Guardian: "Outdid all of its predecessors in numbers, colour, noise and expense.

-- McClatchy Newspapers: "Squeaky clean, free of any overt politics."

-- The Australian: "And awe will be the lasting memory."

-- Chicago Tribune: "A floor show that made the most spectacular revue in Las Vegas look like a church picnic."

Live blogging:

-- Vancouver Sun: "The dream/celestial portion of the ceremony, and it too is incredibly impressive, with stars shining everywhere at the moment."

-- WSJ: One viewer on Twitter: "It all looks like an angry bioluminescent squid fight.”

-- -- New York Times: "The ceremony is unfolding as a grand mixture of Chinese culture and technology.

-- Las Vegas Review Journal: "Moving to a Communist country to live is sounding better by the second."

-- The Guardian's live blogging -- "everyone is so happy and proud and flag-wavy, in a good way."

-- The Telegraph: "Now we are in the midst of a celebration of moveable type printing. Try to stay awake at the back there." (Yes, you can always rely on the Brits to bring a bit of snark).

-- The Ampersand: "Oh look it's a Chinese version of a 'It's a small world after all.' "


-- Reuters: "A spectacular start."

-- AFP's news overview: "Iraq's five-strong delegation received a huge roar after their 11th-hour inclusion at the Games."

-- NBC: Olympics opening ceremony by the numbers.

-- MSNBC (preview): "Prepare to be astonished."

-- China Daily: "Inspired by the past, longing for the future."